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Business Savings

Flex Money Market

Since you want the most for your money, our Money Market account is designed specifically with this in mind… you also get higher returns on larger investments.


Certificate of Deposits

CDs are FDIC-insured, providing you with added security. When you invest in a certificate of deposit (CD), you invest your savings for a specific period of time and we guarantee your interest rate during this period. A CD is a great fit when you don't need immediate access to your funds and want a predictable rate of return.


Personal Savings

Neighborhood Advantage Savings

This account earns interest at a competitive rate while allowing accessibility to your funds.



IRAs can be either Flex Money Market accounts or Certificate of Deposit. IRAs have many special benefits and requirements. Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows retirees to shelter lump-sum distributions from taxation until age 70 1/2. Any income earned also accumulates tax-free in the Rollover IRA until withdrawal. Click for more..


Flex Money Market

You can select the amount you wish to invest and enjoy a graduated tier of returns with a larger investment account that you can still access.


Minor Savings

No minimum balance account available for customers under 18 years old.


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